Ebook on Alternative Medicine and Depression Treatment

This is an Ebook on Alternative Medicine and Depression Treatment for people with depression, such as Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Dysthymic Disorder. Find out what peer-reviewed research says about what works.


Classified as a mood disorder, depression affects people very differently. There are also different types of depression. The type of depression a person has will largely determine what kind of medical treatment the person should receive. There are also a number of other mood disorders that can cause depression symptoms. Many people with depression, suffering from one of the following:

  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Dysthymic Disorder
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Perinatal Depression
  • Catatonic Depression
  • Atypical Depression
  • Melancholic Depression
  • Psychotic Depression
  • Holiday Depression
  • Elderly Depression
  • Endogenous Depression
Not everyone seeks professional help to treat their depression. Some try coping with their symptoms on their own. One way this happens is through self-medication. This can be dangerous and cause far greater problems than simply not getting treatment from trained medical professionals. Additionally, medication does not work for some people.

Treating Depression With Alternative Medicine

Treating depression doesn’t have to mean hours of counseling or days fueled by pills. Those methods can be effective, but you may prefer natural methods to boost your mood. Exercise, mind-body therapies, and herbal supplements may have the power to affect your outlook and even alter your brain chemistry. Many of these treatments are safe, but aren’t always proven to be effective.

Certain complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies for depression have the power to affect mood and even alter brain chemistry. People suffering from depression often look for relief using CAM therapies either as a complement to traditional treatment or as an alternative. This Ebook will help you to find out more about these potential mood boosters and which ones are really worth trying.

About the Author

Dr. Randi Fredricks is a psychotherapist and best-selling author, and internationally recognized expert on treating mental health with alternative medicine. Dr. Fredricks' book Healing & Wholeness: Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Mental Health provides a comprehensive overview of such treatments and has an entire chapter on using natural remedies in depression counseling. Dr. Fredricks treats depression and other psychiatric disorders using traditional psychotherapy and other alternative holistic approaches at her office in San Jose, California.

This Ebook is 68 pages.

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